Nikki Blackketter

24. Female. Me versus the world, baby.
Current mission? Conquering the gym and the girl I was yesterday.
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Newest vlog is up!! Sweet tooth protein ice cream, travel plans, twerkers at the gym, my cardio session, and a grocery trip! Check it out, like and subscribe! 

Follow Me To Fit Episode 7 is up!!!

Got a shoulder day, a healthy pizza, what to get at subway, plus legs and cardio circuits, etc. It’s a good one.

Go like and subscribe!! Thanks, lovelies. <3 <3 <3

Accompanying my manhunk to this huge fitness expo in the UK, May 16th-18th (I believe, something like that—I’ll be in the UK a bit longer though).

Only 30 days away and I want to be fit as I can for it, so time to incorporate a bunch more HIIT into my routine.

Wish me luck and SEE YOU THERE!!!

*find me lurking around the GymShark booth :)

Rocking my #cgfitness gear and dramatically squatting. #storyofmylife

Loving these leggings from Sycho fitness!! Mesh is sexy and fabric is SO comfortable! I got the extra small grey ones, they also come in black plus they have a bunch of awesome prints!

Use code “NIKKIB” at for 10% off.

Also, please notice my 3 leg days a week are paying off! ;)

Check out my newest YouTube Follow me To Fit vlog!!! I surprise a certain someone at the airport and have some post-pizza-depression. #honesttiltheend #iifymfail#nikkibnation