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Current mission? Conquering the gym and the girl I was yesterday.
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Ugh—I woke up 3rd day in a row with a not feeling good about myself. -.- So frustrating. I know I’m hitting my targets, the only thing I haven’t been super strict on is cardio, so I need to start factoring that in. Driving me crazy!!

But it’s okay. Because I am beautiful the way that I am. Because of WHO I am! I am beautiful 10 pounds heavier and I am beautiful 10 pounds lighter, because I love myself.

Please, please, please love yourselves! We are more than body fat and muscle and butts and boobs.

We are smiles and sunshine and laughs and tears and joy and love and heartbreak and hopes and dreams. There is SO much more than just the way that you look. 

When you’re feeling low, focus on your positives. Focus on your laugh, your smile, your never-ending empathy, your nice jawline, luxurious hair, sense of humor, or delicate feet—we all have beauty within us and on us!!

Keep trying, don’t give up. Trust the process. Take it one day at a time, but LIVE YOUR DAMN LIFE. Love yourself, love yourself, love yourself. I cannot stress that enough. You are worth so much. Smile and persist and achieve, and please,

Love yourself.

I took some pictures and tried to focus on the positive parts of me, even if I didn’t feel lean or particularly confident! I love my smile, I love that I am down to earth, I love my ability to relate to others, and I love the people that support and lift be up every day, because life is hard and you all make it that much easier. <3 Thank you for being you.

Official signing card for the Olympia!! I’ll be signing photos, probably right on top of the ‘Tequila’ tattoo to hide it, lmao. #oh19yearoldnikki #youweredumb

But ANYWAY: Las Vegas, Olympia expo—Will be at the Quest Nutrition booth from 11am-2pm on both Friday and Saturday!! (With my main squeeze of course.) Hope to see y’all there! Come by, say hi, grab a picture, grab a Quest bar, we can do bicep flexes together, talk about macros and squats, it’s gonna be a grand ol’ time. 


Y’all. It was 68 degrees this morning. In Texas. This is madness. 😳❄️
So I had to don my favorite #gymshark hoodie!! The seamless hoodies are so comfortable and snug, my newest #obsession.
PUMPED for Fall and the holidays!! 🎃🍁🍃☕️ #nikkibnation

Some behind the scenes from the recent photoshoot with my man. This is from our couple’s channel, not my own—where we try to stick to non-fitness related topics. :)

You can’t get much done in life if you only work on days when you feel good.

Shoulder cappage ever improving. Even at my leanest, I’ve never had super defined shoulders in the past—so they’re a big goal of mine! #wishtheylookedpumpedallthetime

Legs and Glutes and Quads, oh my!! Leg day and a ton of food, being sabotaged, and Maximus Prime’s creepy habit.

Always challenge yourself and constantly seek progression, not perfection.
It’s you versus your own world—conquer it!!

Been a crazy couple of days!! Haven’t worked out in THREE days! No cardio or lifts or anything. I think my body was so grateful for the break though! I’m down to 108.0 and feeling lean and happy!

Today I ordered my first batch of shirts!! The style and the print is a surprise—but I’ll be launching them soon so keep an eye out. :) (Boys and separate girls shirts!)

I’ll be editing videos this afternoon and dropping them on both my channel (tonight) and the cgandnikkib channel (tomorrow)!! :)

Got some new clients in this week and I plan on totally revamping and improving my plans this week as well. Just adding more information and giving you more bang for your buck—I know online coaching is skeptical but I really try to give it my best effort to improve you, keep you happy and healthy, and give you all the information humanly possible to get you on the road to success!!

Aaaand other than that, and the Olympia in 9 days, and my competition in 5.5 weeks—I got BOOTY DAY today. So send big booty thoughts my way. <3

Today, Christian and I did something completely out of our comfort zone and did a sexy, smoldering photoshoot. (That’s right, NOT in the gym!!) 

This is the first time I’ve ever had my hair and makeup so professionally done and the first time CG has ever had a cleaned up 5 o’clock shadow (yum). 

Even though it was a strange scenario for both of us, (there was a small crowd watching), I felt so comfortable! 
Great photographer and a great partner to shoot with.