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Alright, food prepping is really easy. All of this took about 25 minutes. And I was on tumblr and watching tv the entire time.

Threw some rice in my rice cooker (which I got at WalMart for like $10).

Tossed a big batch of frozen broccoli into the microwave with a little bit of water and a lid (don’t close the lid, just let it rest on top) to steam it. 5 minutes! That’s it.

And then put a ton of chicken breast tenderloins, frozen, into a big frying pan—tossed some garlic powder, chili powder, and liquid smoke on top and cooked it for about 16 minutes, flipped them over every four or five minutes. Medium-high heat.

Super easy! And I’m fed for the day and probably tomorrow too. I’ll probably food prep again and make some turkey, sweet potato, and spinach so I can at least have two choices when I reach in the fridge for a meal.

*also—if you want this stuff to taste good out of the fridge, I heat mine up on a pan, medium heat, throw some more spices on top, and in like 3 minutes, it’s ready to go and tastes nice and fresh! Try it out.

It’s easy and not expensive to eat healthy. Give yourself treats and a cheat meal—but try to keep 90% of your meals and snacks healthy if you want results!  

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