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24. Female. Me versus the world, baby.
Current mission? Conquering the gym and the girl I was yesterday.
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Morning ritual: immediately upon waking I take my #cellucor #fatburner: either HD or D4. And then a scoop of watermelon BCAA’s because they’re the bomb and then I go do an hour of cardio. 

(BCAA’s are extremely important before you do fasted cardio because they will assist the body in targeting fat instead of burning hard earned muscle. BCAA’s also make up 1/3 of your muscle so it makes sense that they would be useful in your daily lifting regimen! )

As is 
#competitionprep life. It’s not so bad though. I’m on the fourth#gameofthrones book and though it doesn’t have Daenarys in it at ALL, it’s getting good. Great time to get the reading done, while pounding away on the stairmaster. 

And if you buy the HD and the BCAA’s you get a free Cellucor shaker cup and towel!  It ends up being like $62 with my code!

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