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24. Female. Me versus the world, baby.
Current mission? Conquering the gym and the girl I was yesterday.
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Some behind the scenes shots from my shoot with CWMG. Such a blast! Definitely will be looking to shoot with them again. 

Straight from my shoot with C Withers Media Group. Loved working with them, and their photography skills are top notch! <3 <3

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I’m about to switch back to HD (I’ve been using D4 for contest prep) but for my last 6 weeks, I’m going to push out with HD. I take it before my fasted cardio with BCAA’s (Only Cellucor BCAA’s have beta alanine which will give you that extra boost of energy) and I can stairmaster foreverrrrrrr.

Tip: If you don’t like that ‘tingly’ feeling you get from preworkout or BCAA’s, drink part of it before you’re workout, like 1/4, and then sip the rest throughout the workout. That’s my method and it works wonderfully. 

Before and after: ab version.

Only goes up from here. 

Try different things until you find what works for your body. You won’t regret it.

Tats and abs. This is my ribcage tattoo, if you were wondering. It is a quote from my favorite Edgar Allan Poe poem.

I can’t believe I’m only 25 days out. It’s so real now. I feel like I should be more ready…I don’t know—maybe everyone feels that way. Hope I do okay. Either way, it’s my first rodeo so I’m not putting too much pressure on myself. Just have to do my best. :)

I have this problem where if I don’t go to the gym RIGHT when I wake up, I find it very difficult to find the motivation to go.

I will literally wait until the last possible second to drag my ass there.

Which would be right about now, if I want to be home in time to see my honey for an hour before work. Blehghkjlehslj.

But look at my biceps! (Back and bi’s today—even though I’ve got a good leg workout going, my hamstrings are too sore right now to any of that nonsense. Maybe tomorrow…)

I freaking adore Andrea Brazier. She is seriously the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I don’t even understand it. I love her muscle, it really, really suits her. 

I hope, if and when I do acquire a six pack, that it is nice and proportional and awesome like hers are. She’s a sexy beast. And she’s 34 years old. 

God, I hope I’m hot when I’m 34.

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Ab/oblique progress

Me, trying to be a photographer with an iPhone (I just tried to spell that eyephone—wtf?) while simeltaneously showing off my abs and my bicep. 

No worries. I’m just good at everything.

Jk, jk. Really this time. I do wish I had my nice camera, but I’m pet sitting for the day. This poor dog that I house/pet sit for all the time has abandonment issues so they don’t like to leave her alone for too long. Hence me simply being here from 1-7. 

But I love me some animals, so it’s okay.

Feeling blah. Eff this cold, upping my Vitamin C dosage by 5000%.
Still going to go attempt to beast out some back and bi’s. We just got a new pre-workout—noxplode or something.

It’s kind of frightening, because it says “stir with a spoon, do not shake!” So I’m a little afraid of putting that in my body and then running around the gym.

But if it gets me all JACKED UP BRAH, then can’t say no.